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Tips playing game

Tips Playing "The Sims" for phone

if you play the sims on phone , may you know my tips .
this tips is to make you get 5000 simoleons , can get skills point too .

how to get it ?

you can get it from Heidi Shadows .
Heidi Shadows is a secret ninja character that sells you cheats .She can be found southwest of Imperial Estates on Mondays (11 p.m. to 12 a.m.) and in the corner of the Park Maze on Fridays (3 a.m. to 4 a.m.).
Mondays are days 1,8,15,22,29,36,43,50,57,64,71,etc.(every seven days)
Fridays are days 5,12,19,26,33,40,47,54,61,68,75,etc.
(every seven days)

she will sell you cheats that can save you a lot of time on getting skill points.

When you find her south of Imperial Estates, buy from her, and do not leave so she not disappear. buy out her shop, then wait until 1 a.m. and go to her again, she will be competely restocked.

The items that she sells are :
Rosebud => add 5000 simoleons
Slip of paper => contains a password "Bucket"
silver tongue berry => add 1 charisma skills point
Gourment Berry => add 1 cooking skill point
clock berry => add 1 mechanical point
buff berry => add 1 body point
Mind berry => add 1 logic point
DaVinci berry => add 1 creativity point

That the tips to get cheat in The sims phone ..
good luck!!!

1 Responses to "Tips playing game"

  1. vioHime says:

    dadaaaaang .
    brjuang buat bsok tanggal spuluh .

    ketemu lgi di tahap slanjutnya yaaaa :D

    shuLuh ahaha .

    salam pepi buat si janu :D

    cekakak :9

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