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How to make your computer free of vius

Here I want to tell you , how to make your computer free for viruses, but before it , i want to tell you one of way the virus attack your computer ..

it's autoplay system ..
many virus infect a computer with autorun files , and this files can run if your autoplay system is enabled ..

normal computer , the autoplay system is not configured . so , the system is always enabled the autoplay system.

if you want to secure your computer, one of the way is disable the autoplay system ..

how to disable it ?

check this out ..

1. click "start" menu , then click "run" menu ..
2. then, type gpedit.msc on the run box ..
          if there aren't run menu , goto system drive ..
          right click the start menu , then choose explore ..
          from it , you go to WINDOWS folder .
          ex : C:\WINDOWS\
          then go to system32 folder ..
          ex : C:\WINDOWS\system32\
          if there are  warning message , you choose "show the contents of this folder"
          then , open file "gpedit.msc" or "gpedit" ..

after the "Group Policy" system are shown , you choose the "User Configuration"

3. then , choose "Administrative Templates"
4. there are many menus, you must choose  "system" .
5. after that , there are some folder configuration and many system configuration .
6. double click on "Turn off Autoplay" (not the folder)
7. there are new windows "Turn off Autoplay properties"

8. there are some menus , you choose "Enabled to enable the autoplay to be off"
9. then on the box , there are question , "Turn off autoplay on ?" . you must choose all drive (for security , but  if you want to chose cd rom drive is ok , but the autorun can active at USB drive like flashdisk and harddisk)

10. after it, click apply and ok ..

then you can close the Group Policy system ..

thats the tutorial to turn off the autoplay system ..

it must be done before you plug your device to your computer . if not , yor configuration is nothing.

if there aren't gpedit at your system folder or you cant access it , you can chose the "regedt32" files ..

if you cant access it too , maybe your computer is infected by viruses and the viruses is attack your OS ..

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