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4 Snacking Tips To Not Make You Fat
There are several things to consider when taking a snack. As quoted from Sheknows, eating the wrong foods, too much, too often even eat a snack at the wrong time can make the shape of the body to be stretched. So that it does not happen to you, are some rules you need to know in order to stay slim despite liked snacking.

1. Choose nutritious snacks
Eat snacks that are rich in nutrients such as, sliced ​​peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, peas and green beans that can help keep blood sugar levels. To be attractive, add the liquid low-fat cheese, almond butter and seasoning salsa on top of the diced vegetables. For other snack options you can pick apples, berries, walnuts and pistachio nuts. Avoid packaged foods and foods that contain lots of flour and sugar.

2. Calculate calories
Calculate your calorie snack! Do not snack calories contained in the same or even more from your main meal. Try to keep snacks no more than 150 to 200 calories. We recommend that you do not eat snacks straight from the packaging box, for snacks into several portions so that they contain less calories than 100 calories.

3. The right time
For two perfect time to eat a snack. For the first snack, you can eat at 10 o'clock in the morning between breakfast and lunch. Then for a second snack, you must eat lunch at 12 o'clock or one o'clock and then can be snacking on at two or three in the afternoon. Remember, the better for dinner no later than 7pm. uc1n

4. Note the
Eat with a good sitting position, because it will make you realize how many snacks that enters the body. Avoid eating while driving, watching TV because it can cause you to forget how many servings of snacks you eat, this is exactly what makes you gain weight. Sit right, chew food slowly and really enjoy snacks that you eat.

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