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Tour place of Historic Places in America

Still remember the tragedy of December 7, 1941? Exactly at that day became a pivotal moment in the history of the United States, where the Japanese had destroyed Pearl Harbor.
Well, if you want to remember history, try to stop at Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, located in Honolulu, Hawaii.
In addition to seeing the show, you will also be given a free ticket to visit the USS Arizona Memorial with a boat.

At home there are Martin Luther King historical site that includes a free trip to a church Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Dr. King preached as his father and grandfather had already done.
When the tour of Dr. King's birth home, led by a park ranger at the first visit. Do a tour in front of the registration
Freedom Hall entrance.

Gettysburg National Military Park is a tourist destination for free in Pennsylvania history. In this place, you can see some of the locations
a silent witness to the massacre that happened in 1863.
Anything that can be viewed on the site storied Little Round Top and Cemetery Ridge? Starting from the stone walls, cannons, and a monument
standing there

Days spent in the United States Capitol large congress into extraordinary experience, especially on tour here for free. Due to high demand and tight security, this tour must be booked in advance. Get it online through the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center or through a representative office and the senator.

Other free historical places in Pennsylvania is Philadelphia Park History independence. Inside is the Assembly Room Independence Hall, the Continental Congress meeting, the appointment of George Washington by order of the Continental Army, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States formulation. Do not miss also the Liberty Bell, located near Independence Hall.

If you are in California, try to stop by the Missions Trail. Desert road which lies between San Diego and Sonoma are used (from the 18th century and 21) used a series Spnayol to start their mission in California.
But do not be surprised, if the current El Camino Real (another term Missions Trail) is replaced by a California highway that is more modern.
Most of the adobes are active Catholic parish, and other visitors are allowed to visit this place for free, although there are some costs when entering into the building.

In 1861, Jefferson Davis was sworn in as first president of the Confederate States of America (CSA) in this building. A century later (in 1965) Selma gets the most votes in the same place.
Spoiler for history:

The main goal is to travel to Santa Fe to visit the trade routes from the Missouri and met people from Mexico City. Alun-alunnya
too crowded with Indian and Spanish markets, concert performances and all kinds of community events.
Historically, this is where Gen. Stephen Watts Kearny's U.S. flag to claim territory during the Mexican War in

Where you can go visit the graves for free. Starting from the Tombstone Vigilantes to the Boothill Graveyard.
That said, in the past so much violence and debauchery Old West that takes place in this place. In fact, almost every time
the sound of gunfire was heard in Tombstone, Arizona.
Spoiler for history:

In Boston, Massachusetts there is an old colonial sites, the Freedom Trail. Here you can visit places like Old North Church,
The Old State House, Boston Massacre site and the Bunker Hill Monument.
You can see everything for free. But if you need a guide, there are certainly additional costs and some sites may also be charged an entrance fee.

In national parks Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia you can see a herd of buffalo and met with Native American tribes. Views of waterfalls, rock formations and also the main attraction at the historic buildings there.

Want to meet up with Obama? Please visit the White House, Washington DC. Not only the president's house, the White House can also be visited by tourists in a way to contact representatives in Congress and set the time to tour the palace.

To watch the history of the Texas revolution, you can visited the Alamo, located in San Antonio, Texas. There are many stories of battles are depicted on the walls of the Alamo building
Spoiler for history:

To enter the national parks in Colorado, usually every visitor must issue a cost of between USD10-USD15 or approximately Rp88 thousand to Rp129 thousand per car (depending on season). But on weekends during the day Veterans in November, it will not be charged during a visit to this park.
Other free time to fall in September, coinciding with a national day of Public Lands. Here you can see the spectacular cliffs of the ancestral Pueblo people.

Other historical places in Guernsey, Wyoming. There are many abandoned wagon trail in the Oregon Trail and painting graffiti. This is one of the relics of history that occurred in America in the 19th century
Spoiler for history:

There are at least 38 Nez Perce sites that you find in the four states of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Starting from Buffalo Eddy in petrogylphs features and pictographs, Canoe Camp (the place where Lewis and Clark built a new canoe), and a large hole Battlefield.
Spoiler for history:

Sitka was the Russian capital of Alaska which has incredible scenery. Is Baranof Castle State Historical Site that offers native Tlingit life than the people who founded the Russian fortress
Spoiler for history:

Since the Homestead Act in 1862 formally made, the monument in Nebraska tells the story of the expansion in the western world. Cab Epard Palmer created in 1867 as a support for a luxurious and hundreds of hectares of grasslands restored.

This old building is open to the public since 1790 as a place of inauguration. But earlier in 1776, St. Paul's Chapel in the tragedies had escaped the fire when the British recaptured New York.

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