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Strange Mistakes in Medicine World

Insemination Clinic Uses Wrong Sperm

When Nancy Andrews, a resident of Commack, New York, became pregnant after in vitro fertilization program, this couple had no idea that the birth of children who have dark skin color had nothing to do with their physical characteristics.
Of the DNA test was then performed error is estimated to have occurred where the doctors at New York Medical Services for Reproductive Medicine inadvertently using sperm from another man who does not belong to her husband and then into the egg diensiminasi Nancy.
The couple was still bringing up the baby Jessica was born on October 19, 2004 as flesh and blood like himself, yet is genetically an error occurred. However this pair still bring an action against the owner of the clinic for malpractice events that belong to the court.

Transplant Heart and Lung Wrong

Jesica Santillan, 17, died two weeks after undergoing heart transplant and lungs from patients who are not the same blood type with it. The team of doctors at Duke University Medical Center failed to examine the compatibility of blood before surgery.

After a second transplant operation to try to reverse the situation because it's a fatal mistake, Jesica suffered brain failure and complications that led to the death.

Jesica, immigrants from Mexico, arrived in the United States three years before undergoing treatment for heart disease to survive. With heart transplants and lung cancer at Duke University Hospital, Durham, NC, instead of improving his condition, which occurs precisely the situation becomes worse.
Jesica, with blood type O, even receiving an organ from a donor with blood type A. This fatal error made ​​in a coma, and died when doctors attempt to try to replace it with a compatible organ failure.
The hospital claims to have human-error occurred that resulted in the death of Jesica, in addition to defective procedures to ensure compatibility of organ transplants. After it was reported there was an agreement sealed between the hospital and family about it. No one, either from the family or hospital willing to comment on this case.

Invasive Procedures Open Heart, But Wrong Patient

Joan Morris (a pseudonym), a 67-year-old grandmother, was commissioned a study in the hospital for cerebral angiography (the science of blood on the brain). A day later, by accident he was "forced" to become the object of study of invasive cardiac electrophysiology.

After a session of angiography, the patient was transferred to another room which is not a room of origin. Errors that "planned" to occur the next day morning when the patient was brought to an open-heart procedure.
He was on the operating table that should not for him for an hour. The doctors make an incision in the groin, piercing an artery, connect it to a pipe and then onto the vessel to the heart (a procedure that resulted in a high risk of bleeding, infection, heart attack, and stroke).
Then suddenly the phone rang, and a doctor from another part asks "What are you doing dengann my patient?" There is nothing wrong with his heart.
Cardiologists who perform the procedure that checks the data and realized she had a fatal error has occurred. The study was immediately stopped, after reconditioning the poor woman finally returned to the room of origin, beruntungya, the condition is still stable.

Throughout the 13-inch souvenir

Donald Church, 49, has a tumor in his stomach when he arrived at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle in June 2000. After leaving the hospital, the tumor is gone - but one means of operation (retractor) actually took the place of the tumor.

It turns out doctors who handle inadvertently left retractor along the 13 inch in her stomach. This is not the first incident occurred at the clinic.
Four similar cases have occurred in the same clinic between 1997 and 2000. Still lucky, the surgeon can still take more retractors who have missed it as soon as known.
As a result of these events, the Church suffered the consequences of impaired function of the stomach. The clinic was eventually agreed to pay the Church of U.S. $ 97,000 (one billion dollars) as compensation.

One Outstanding Hospital Brain Surgery, For the Third Time in a Year

For the third time in the same year, doctors at Rhode Island Hospital to perform surgery on the wrong side of the head with his patients. The last one occurred on November 23, 2007.

A 82-year-old grandmother needs an operation to stop bleeding in the brain and skull. A neurosurgeon at the hospital began performing surgery by making a hole on the right side of the patient's head, although the actual results of the CT scan shows that bleeding occurs on the left side.
Luckily the surgeon is immediately realized his mistake and immediately close the hole back surgery went wrong and do it again on the left side of the patient's head. Patients reported in stable condition Sunday.
The same case was mentioned also occurred in February, where a doctor who also perform other operations on the wrong side of the head. And in August, again a 86-year-old grandfather became his victim, after his life is spared due to surgery on his head, but on the wrong side of his head.

Making them aware During Operation Suicide Trauma and Conduct

The family of a person in West Virginia claimed to have occurred during anesthesia is not enough operating processes and resulted in the patient can feel every slice of the scalpel and make major trauma. This trauma by making the patient's family had committed suicide two weeks later.

Sherman Sizemore be sent to Raleigh General Hospital in Beckley, W.Va., on January 29, 2006 to be taken regarding the operation of pains in his stomach.

But, when surgery is performed, these patients reported experiencing a phenomenon where the dkenal as anesthetic awareness or consciousness during anesthesia, which makes the patient may feel pain or discomfort during surgery, while he himself can not move or communicate with their doctors.

According to the complaint filed, anesthesiologis inject drugs in patients but failed to make the patient numb up to 16 minutes after the first incision in the stomach. The patient's family members say it makes severe trauma due to conscious while being operated on but could not move or communicate with the doctor who finally pushed him to commit suicide. 

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