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6 most scariest islands in the world

1. Fiji

Fiji has a history, the famous story of sorts cannibals anak2, anak2 murder, torture anak2, dead drunk gara2 special marine anak2 .. I think the island ni hate anak2 time ye?
Taon 1840, there were missionaries who wrote about the island, he said, there lived the sadistic cannibals who nangkepin adults and especially children from the sea coast en. The little boy was hanged so ornate flag, finally mokad gara2 ampe drunk sea.
Anak2 laennya idup2 taken, so for example for local residents anak2 about the art of war. This tangkepan Anak2 ditempakin arrows, dipukulin ampe pake stick perish. Berhari2 until they cry en jejeritan ..
Local Anak2 maen2 by torturing a girl body mutilation en tangkepan results.

2. Garbage Island Pacific

Ever watch the earth pilem ngebuang garbage into space? Similar ama ni island, but with more garbage and without rockets.
So, every time the United ato China ngebuang garbage into the sea, benda2 it all get together to the same place, his name is the North Pacific Gyre. As time passed, more and more garbage piled en now already become the island as big as Texas.
Plastic does not decompose, but it could ancur until kecil2, until even as big as plankton. And the fish was not being super-clever, so if clay is mirip2 plankton, directly Embat aje. So later on the food chain would be: the fish eat the plastic, we eat fish, we eeq plastic trus .. lagiii behind ...

There may be plastic guns that much? Hmm, never ngambil aer marine researchers from the island of garbage, and the result is the number of content 6x more plastic than plankton. Let sama2 eat plastic ..
Oh yes, do not stand on the island coba2 this garbage, because it would directly kejeblos into the sea, where ente jatoh trus uda had ketutup ama garbage again. ente so would tenggelem under trash, so food sharks .. Yihaaaa.

3. Izu Island

It's on Japanese territory. The island is air dipenuhin ama with the highest concentration of sulfur gases in the world. But gapapa, ga there's that live there ..
Uh, there are still living there?
Yup .. orang2 sehari2 life on this island must continue to make-mask. In the midst malem, going to sound sirens for severe sulfur gas concentrations inhaled sampe2 kalo gitu aja would die with success. Orang2 there ini.Yah splurging his life in a way, the guns they are paid. Just who? Yes, the same researchers .. They are paid less because of tau mao peneliti2 orang2 what if the make it idup ngirup gas masks and air full of sulfur.
Oh yes, on this island there is also a tectonic plate that can ngehasilin superdahsyat earthquake.

4. Island Ramree

Taon 1945, the era of World War II, 900 Japanese soldiers sent there. Time around, the way kehalang ama swamp. Aje asik2 mistaken, the entry of 900 soldiers there. 500 ilang without news.

Ama ni island inhabited malarial mosquitoes, scorpions are deadly, and buanyak buanget marine crocodile. Soldiers who were the majority of severe injuries selamet sampe2 ngarep mending aja die. This incident so he cried, until masup Guinness Book of World Records' "Greatest disaster suffered from animals."

5. Island Poveglia

This island is in the territorial waters of Venice, Italy. Initially gara2 orang2 ancient Romans, with a 'good heart' nyari place for a taxable orang2 quarantine the deadly virus in those days. Then yes Poveglia Island is elected gets 'honor', where thousands of people sick bareng2 eventually die.
Several centuries later, virus attack Bubonic Europe, and the island back to the 'glory' as his last picnic for orang2 dying. time the virus is getting worse, finally smua a little sick kliatan directly sent to the island Poveglia. Policies for 'ngebiarin ampe dead ndiri' also changed to 'throw it to the sick smua org big hole (which in many bodies dalemnya) bakarrrrr trus'. The total number of deaths on the island even this be about 160,000 lives.

Belom seemed scary enough, taon 1922 in the island of sickly-smelling corpse was built psychiatric hospital. Rumor has it there dokter2 soul likes torturing his patients with the above naroh tower, indifferent aja trus time teriak2 Seeing ghosts diseased patients. Further news, there finally is also dead dokter2 smua thrown from the tower ama sickly specter.

Through some taon, there are a bunch of people were sent for living there. But the next day on the back because he said a lot of voices jerit2 malem2 en apparition. So, some guns now ampe nempatin Poveglia Island. Unless ente ngitung hundreds of thousands of ghost haunts it as a resident ...

6. Ilha de Queimada Grande Alias ​​Snake Island

This same island dipenuhin uler. Once there was an entry there, fishing, boat pulang2 trus blood all
Uler that meet the island's Golden Lancehead kind. Poison including a vicious one, can make ampe rotting flesh to the bone .. hueee. Dah gitu cuman uler this type exist on the island. Blom could be nominated for horror?

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