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Night Reflection

Life is simple: take a decision, do and do not regret it

There was a person when applying for work, picking up trash on the floor of paper into a trash can, and it showed by the lawyer-interview, and he got the job.
"It was very easy to obtain the award, simply maintain a good habit."

There was a child was a student at the bike shop. One time there was someone who delivered the bike damaged to be repaired at the shop page. Besides repairing bikes they will be, the child is also clean the bike until shiny clean. The other students laughed at his actions. The next day after the owner took the bike bicycle, the little brother pulled / drawn work in its place.
"It turned out to be a successful man is very easy, just have a little initiative."

A child said to her mother: "Mother was very beautiful today." Mother replied: "Why?" Son answered: "Because of today's mothers did not get angry."
"It turned out to have the beauty is easy, just need to not get angry."

A farmer sent his son every day to work diligently in the fields. His friend said: "No need to tell your son to work hard, Tanamanmu will still flourish." Farmer replied: "I'm not fertilize my plants, but I'm building my son."
"It turned out that fostering a child is very easy, just let her diligent work."

A coach said to his disciples: "If a ball falls into the grass, how to look for it?" There is answered: "Find the beginning of the middle." There is also an answer: "Find the sunken into the grass." And there who replied: "Find the most high grass." Coaches provide the most appropriate response: "Setapak by step search from here until the end of the grass next to the grass over there."
"It was very easy road to success, just do everything step by step in sequence, do jumping jacks."

Frogs that live in the rice said to the frog who lived on the roadside: "Your place is too dangerous, stay with me." Frogs on the street said: "I'm used to, lazy to move." Several days later the frogs "fields" to see the frog "edge road "and found that the frog is dead crushed a passing car.
"It was very easy to hold our own destiny, just enough to avoid idleness."

There are a bunch of people walking in the desert, all running with heavy, very miserable, only one person who walked with joy. Someone asked: "Why are you so relaxed?" She replied with a laugh: "Because I am a bit of luggage."
"It was very easy to have fun, just do not get greedy and have just enough." 

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