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8 Step to Develop the Right Brain

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Have we ever not confident that we are CREATIVE? It's just a presumption that actually drown our self-confidence to be creative! Think and act creatively is an attempt to use the right brain (right brain hemisphere) are more active. During this time, most people only use his left brain associated with language, logic, and symbols and is directed at linear thinking and vertical (from one logical conclusion to any other logical conclusion.)

In more balanced, right-brain associated with emotional functions, intuitive, and spatial as well as work based on the kaleidoscope and lateral thinking (consider the issue from all sides and arrive at different things) are part of the brain that plays an important role in creativity.

The right brain will generate ideas that are not conventional, not systematic, and not structured. This does not mean the right-brain thinking is something that is arbitrary, but the right-brain thinking related to something new, unusual, and different from what existed before.
Here are 8 ways that can help us to develop our right brain:

1. Always ask, "Is there another way ..??"" That way, our brains are encouraged to seek the best alternatives! "
2. Against habits, routines, and traditions. " an entrepreneur must have had an unusual background and against tradition!"
3. Playing the game - the mental game, trying to see the problem from various viewpoints. Come play Rubik ! Very emotional brain! "
4. Realizing that there are more than 1 correct answer. "It is not permissible for high school kids who are in the multiple-choice exam! Because only; CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONE ANSWER! "
5. Seeing the problem as a stepping stone to find new ideas. "If you get too many and difficult problem, it means being in the same Test ABOVE!"
6. Seeing the mistakes and failures as a means to gain success. "Don't be depressed because of failure! "
7. Linking the ideas that are not related to finding new and innovative solutions. "That's like playing puzzle! "
8. Having "the skills like a helicopter" that is seen from above and a thorough review of routine things that happen in everyday life and then take decisions in accordance with the unavoidable problem

Well, now whether you will begin to develop your right brain or remain as it is now?

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