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The world smallest Printer

For Indonesian version

Okay, maybe you have a portable printer that you can take it anywhere on a business trip but if it can be as good as this one? We assure you it is impossible!! :-)

PrintBrush of PrintDreams is a portable printer that is currently probably the smallest in the world and also very flexible use because it can be used in a variety of paper sizes and paper types.

As the name implies, this printer is somewhat different from the printer that we know today, PrintBrush work when you inscribe it to the paper and this is where PrintBrush able to print in any media and regardless of size.

All you have to do is just move Printbrush to the right and left and up and down just like you're writing. And no need to worry that your ugly movement will disrupt the printed because PrintBrush can print the appropriate content / format even if you do not symmetrical movement and others.
To retrieve the contents of email, SMS or other information to be printed, we can transfer data from the mobile phone / notebook / PDA to PrintBrush via a Bluetooth connection.

Printer specifications are as follows:
- Resolution: 600dpi monochrome
- Print technology: inkjet and RMPT ™ Full
- Max. speed: 250mm/sec
- Volume: Approx. 200cc
- Weight: Approx. 250gm
- Interfaces: USB 2.0, Bluetooth, Irda
- Power supply: Li-Ion rechargable battery

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