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Solar Aircraft

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Aviation world will soon experience a major evolution from this point. A new technology will change the way a conventional flight over the years.

Yes, a Swiss company, Solarumpulse successfully developed a solar-powered aircraft HB-SIA. In fact, they begin to undergo flight tests in the evening for 24 hours at Payerne Airport.

"The plane weighs the equivalent of a family car is planned to take a height of 8500 kilometers above the earth's surface. In this position, the aircraft is equipped with solar cells that will be tested for its ability when the plane using only power from the batteries," explained Solariimpulse spokesman said, as reported by Science Daily, Friday (7/9/2010).

Meanwhile, Andre Borschberg pilots who flew the plane, said the whole team worked hard to create and develop the aircraft for a period of seven years.

"The aircraft will answer the riddle surrounding the efficiency of the use of battery power during their flight. History will record the future success of this solar-powered aircraft if the flight is successful," he added.

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