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Trick to avoid forgetting

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Do not remember where to put your glasses or forgetting the name of your college friend who just talk to? Things like that do often occur in everyday life. To help you memorize, it's good brain exercise following.

"Forgetting something that indicates that you are too busy focusing on other things. When someone is not paying good attention to something, that memory is formed in the brain would not be clear so that he will trouble the memory issue again," says Zaldy S. Tan, MD, of the Memory Disorders Clinic at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston.

The key is to keep the brain sharp. "We often train the body with exercise, but what good is it if not supported by a sharp brain," says Harry Lorayne, author of Ageless Memory: Simple Secrets for Keeping Your Brain Young 'was quoted as saying on Tuesday (08/11/2009).

If you want to strengthen the ability of your brain, try to memorize the following strategies to remember things that you often forget.

1. Strategy remembering people's names
- Give full attention when met, ensure the spell, use his name during a conversation or separated.
- Give the picture to its name, whether his name has a specific meaning or picture type face.
- Create a memory that is connected, as in what event did you meet him or anyone with him at the time.
- A little cheat by writing the characteristics of his face on the back of business cards when you can get acquainted.

2. Strategies to remember to put small items
- Remember what you did before until last performed.
- Remind your brain when to put something somewhere, like 'I put the key in the motorcycle jacket'.
- Make it a habit, provide a place to put something, and train yourself to put things in place.

3. Strategies to remember activities that must be done
- Begin with a ritual, make a little note, something odd place to draw attention to the notes.
- Sing the things you want to do with equating the rhythm of sentences and the rhythm of the song.
- Use your body to remember what you should do, like a hand when it will write a report, when it will wash your feet shoes, tooth when buying toothpaste and other. try to use all functions of your body.

4. Strategy remember email passwords or ATM PINs
- Sharpen your memory with the number describing the figures as an object, such as 0 to the ring, 2 for geese, 5 for pregnant women, 7 to boomerang, and so forth. Use your imagination and create your own creations.
- Use the same pronunciation for a number, like the number 4 which when spoken sounds like 'diamond' and so forth.

5. Any given strategy can not remember
- Read, write, say and do over and over again. To recall a long sentence or a speech, start typing in the computer or record it with a tape recorder and then listen again and again.
- Use colors in your notes with the titles that are thick or certain symbols.
- Make a map of thought or mind map, and make the branches from the center to write anything in your brain.

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