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10 Reasons Relationships Prohibited Conduct Sex Before Marriage

In any religion, any custom, sex outside marriage is forbidden, why? Having sought out, but many experts also agree with the concept that sex outside marriage was not OK. This results in their research:
1. Risk of diseases transmitted through sex so thin. Now these STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) are so many types. There is not able to recover again, there is also a relapse-recurrence. Oops, do not get hit . People say that yes safe sex is not sex, protected from any risk of venereal disease, other than that? Yes the risk..
2. It's easier to divorce. Surveys show that people who engage in sex before marriage tend to undermine the institution of marriage. He said the marriage was not any point, just a piece of paper. Generally, if she later married, it's easier to experience failure, aka divorce. Resilience committed marriage became lower.
3. We will better appreciate our spouses. Apparently ML habit before marriage often make a small problem ignited into a big argument. Since without conscious, there is a sense of lack of respect, personal integrity despise each other. Often when a fight occurred to despise each partner, a cheap, easy, and so on.
4. The risk of our descendants destroyed higher. If all the above combined into one, about a family that is built up would be like what? Children who grow up in families like that would be like what? Bill Cosby said on Oprah, that's the cause of so many criminal cases that occur, because families are less healthy.
5. More healthy in mind and emotional well Psychologists found that people who already have the ML before marriage, usually more or less keep the guilt in his heart. There is a feeling disappointed with himself, tend to feel themselves less valuable, and so on. And it will carry over and affect all aspects of later life.
6. The possibility of higher Infidelity Hah, a lot of news about the affair. Sue each other in court, vilify each other, love each other but once she said. Apparently research shows that the ML before marriage will make people tend to not appreciate the marriage, and easier for cheating. Makes sense too huh?
7. Waiting is a Test of True Love Love is patient. It's that simple. We can know how sincere love our partners on how to (or do not want to) wait. Or goal was just sex, sex, and sex again.
8. negative consequences! Overshadow the negative consequences. Some of them can be quite devastating. Unwanted pregnancy, forced abortion, damaged relations with relatives and friends - these are just a few of the many consequences that we must face if we choose to have sex outside of marriage. Besides, what if the relationship with the he did not survive? In the long run, much easier to avoid them in the beginning.
9. We Will Be Spiritually Healthier 've Sin, burdened with guilt as well. Ultimately not healthy for our spiritual lives and well. Continuous  invite someone mired deeper, deeper, and so accustomed to sin ... and eventually die spiritually.
10. We Will Show Consideration for Our Partner's Well-Being If we put the interests of our partners and want to live our lives with a maximum, we will wait before having sex. Of course we want the best for our loved ones, and also for the sake of our future together, do not ya?
 how? what after reading this post you still want to have sex outside of marriage? STOP certainly free sex ..

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