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Health Tips For Blood Type B

Health Tips For Blood Type B
Individuals with blood type B have B antigens on the surface of red blood cells and produce antibodies against antigen A in blood serum. Thus, people with blood type B-negative can only receive blood from people with blood type B-negative or O-negative

Blood type B

1. People who are blood group B are likely curious and interested in everything.
2. They also tend to have too much interest and hobbies. If you're happy with something they are usually the passionate but also get bored quickly.
3. But usually they can choose which is more important than many things in his works.
4. They tend to want to be number one in many things rather than just be average. And usually they tend to neglect things if focused with another activity. In other words, they can not do anything in unison.
5. They are from the outside looks bright, cheerful, excited and enthusiastic. But actually it's all completely different from what is inside themselves.
6. They can be regarded as people who do not want to hang out with people.

His brain is intelligent, jovial nature and high sense of humor. Amendment really talk, even if you have found one who deems fit, comfortable chatting for a long hours . People who have blood group B including people who easily get along. Her friend is everywhere. Her attitude was always optimistic and if it takes a decision, difficult to change. Tough stance that makes frequent success. Their dreams are always achieved .the weakness from people who have blood type B is less cautious. Like to show off and likes to be praised. His speech is sometimes like not to use controls. Not infrequently often makes his interlocutor offended.

Character The blood group B

People with blood type B is the most practical of all existing blood group. They are specialists in the field that they do. When they start a project, they will spend more time to understand and try to follow all the instructions / directions are needed for it. If you do something, they always focus on what was done. They tend to be guided by the goal and pursuing it through to completion, even though their job seems impossible. They tend to be less cooperative. They prefer to follow the rules and their own ideas. People with blood type B to give more attention to the mind rather than their feelings, and therefore, sometimes seem cold and serious.

How to Communicate with Persons blood group B

There is no character styles. Man blood group B has a different character with their blood group A. They are more practical, self-centered, creative, optimistic and free in thought. They also have a tendency of doing things individually. Therefore, in Japan, to form a strong team so the motto was initiated by John C. Maxwell: teamwork makes the dream work really become a reality, the blood type B is usually less involved.

For more details, style of communication with the blood group B following can be used as guidelines:
"Begin the conversation with the series, do not jump around because they are less like things that are not regular.
"Do not start a conversation without end.
"Use accurate data, not fiction.
"If you invite co-operation, make sure that they are willing.
"Speak to the brain rather than his heart. Use more social than rational facts.
"Do not use a style of speaking in a hurry.

People with blood type B is more like listening to a detailed description and series. They love to have the beginning and end of a conversation. Because they are very concerned with what has been begun to be terminated. They do not like people who talk vaguely and without consideration because they are more rational use of reason rather than the ratio of his feelings.

Here's disease is often found on People diversified Blood B
- Damage to the nervous system,
- Difficulty sleeping,
- Headache or migraine,
- Liver disease,
- Biliary tract disorders,
- Disturbance during menstruation,
- Spinal pain,
- Obesity
- Heart attack

Owner blood group B is the opposite of blood group A. They were allowed to eat animal sources with animal sources with more servings. But because it has blood B vulnerable to autoimmune diseases and virus attacks, they are encouraged to consume green vegetables are rich in magnesium. List of foods that are allowed are all dairy products except, blue cheese and ice cream, chicken eggs either organic or free-range chicken.

Defining characteristics:
The immune system is strong-
-Stress can be overcome by doing jobs that require creativity
Suggested do-motion exercises such as swimming and walking
-It is advisable also to go on a diet with a variety of every blood group
-This type is extremely suitable for intake of milk

Type of sport:
Physical exercise is the mental element such as, hiking, tennis and swimming
Here are tips on matters involving the B blood type diet:
Very useful: Goats, rabbits, deer, salmon, sardines, milk cow, bread, broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots,
cauliflower, eggplant, and green tea
Neutral: Beef, buffalo, liver, turkey, fish, sharks, squid, tuna, butter
Abstinence: Ducks, geese, chickens, grouse, pigs, horses, pigeons, snails, crabs, frogs, lobsters, ice cream, wheat, tomato, pumpkin, corn, avocado, coconut

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