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Health Tips For Blood Type A

Health Tips For Blood Type A

Individuals with blood group A has the red blood cells with antigen A on the surface of cell membranes and produce antibodies against antigen B in blood serum. Thus, people with blood type A-negative can only receive blood from people with blood type A-negative or O-negative.
In some countries such as Sweden and Norway, blood type A is more dominant.

Blood type A
1. Usually people are blood group A is level-headed, serious, patient and calm or cool, cool language.
2. People who are blood group A has a strong character, can be reliable and trustworthy, but stubborn.
3. Before doing something they think about it first. And to plan everything carefully. They did everything seriously and consistently.
4. They try to make themselves a fair and ideal as possible.
5. Nominally can seem aloof and distant from the people.
6. they try to suppress their feelings and often do so because they look tough. Although they are actually a soft side has an as nervous and so forth.
7. They tend to be harsh against those who disagreed. So they tend to be around people who have same temperament.

You're gentle, but firm in making decisions visible. Like relented and lightweight hand. Like help anyone who was hit by adversity. Even people who get their help met for the first time, aka do not known.Even social nature is sometimes a bit beyond reasonable limits as human beings. Tau have already run out of money from hand to mouth for example, uh instead be given to someone else. But yes, he will only give aid based on the feelings of conscience, aka do not need to be asked. Precisely on those who openly ask him, he was not like.People have blood type A, including a baseball easy emotion. Although he felt really offended, but not displays. Except if he considered going too far really, his emotions could not controlled.But name is also human, still have weaknesses. If you already feel tired of doing something like Grump. he .. he .. he .. Speak frankly speaking, regardless of the feelings of others. In people who obviously did not liked too are shown.. not generally people who have blood group A bit shy. That's why in order to enter social environment needed to adapt quite a long time.

Character The blood group A

People with blood type A has strength of character, with deep roots that will help them to remain calm in a crisis when everyone panicked face similar situations. They tend to avoid confrontation, and actually less comfortable in the crowd. They are usually shy and sometimes like to isolate themselves. They seek harmony and are very polite, but they actually never really fit with others. They are very responsible. If there is work to be done, they prefer to do it themselves. People with this blood type is always carved out a successful and very perfectionist. They are also very creative, and most artistic of all blood groups are there because of their sensitivity.

How to Communicate with Persons blood group A

* Do not lift a confrontational topics, for example, controversial topics because they are people who do not like to create a confrontation with the speaker.
* Use words that are relatively polite because they are very sensitive and sometimes conservative so that the words that does not comply with minimum standards of decency will be able to offend them.
* If the answer try to complete and meaningful because they are a very imperfect and less like things by halves.
* Ask for their views and opinions because they are very creative for this and listen carefully when they explain.
* Do not exceed them while conveying something. That is, do not let them feel surpassed in terms of intelligence and experience, for example.
* Reward them with praise as necessary because of excessive praise will make them doubt the sincerity of the flatterer.

In addition, blood type A people tend to like the topics nuanced peaceful and cooperative. They do not like the topic related to football lunge or personality of others who do not have clear parameters. They are very sensitive, meaning that every word accepted by the common sense they will be the benchmark them against those who are invited to communicate. Therefore, more careful when dealing with blood type A person is because they really are extraordinary observer.

Here's disease is often found in Blood A diversified People
- Fast angry,
- Heart attack,
- Interruption of blood channels,
- Cancer,
- Obesity.

Owner of blood group A are advised to consume food containing lectins that little. The owners of this blood group has a stomach with low lectin content. If the excessive intake of lectins, it will damage the health of the stomach. In addition, they produce mucus
more numerous. This resulted in the risk of contracting allergic diseases, such as asthma, ear infections, and respiratory disorders.
The recommended food is vegetable group. Animal sources can be obtained from fish and chicken, this was limited by the number and frequency. The recommended milk is fermented milk (yogurt), cream without fat, natural cheese, eggs in limited quantities.

Defining characteristics:
-The immune system is not as strong as type O
-Stress can be overcome by meditation
-The person responsible and romantic
Quite sensitive digestive-Line
-It is recommended to be vegetarian or eat foods high in carbohydrates and low in fat

Type of sport:
Physical comfort and focus such as yoga and tai chi.
Here are tips on matters involving about diet blood type A:
Very useful: Fish mackerel, salmon fish, sardines, snails, spinach, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, peanuts, beans, soy milk, tofu, tempeh, rice, blueberries, pineapple, & mango
Neutral: tuna fish, eggs, fish, sharks, yellow tail fish, shark fish, chicken, turkey, pigeon, corn,
tapioca, wheat, squash, red onion

frogs, shrimp, squid, butter, cow's milk, cheese, ice cream, coconut

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