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Sex Boost Brain Growth

Sex Boost Brain Growth

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Apparently, sex can help the brain grow, according to new findings in mice. In fact, sexually active mice also did not seem easy to stress than virgin rats.

According to a study by scientists at Princeton University, past findings have shown that stress and unpleasant events can resist the growth of brain cells in adults. To see if the feeling of fun and not stress could have the opposite effect, researchers studied the effects of sex in rats.

The scientists conducting research through matchmaker method in which adult male rats were given access to mingle with the opposite sex, either once a day for two weeks or just once in two weeks. The scientists also measured levels of stress hormones known as glucocorticoid, which the researchers suspected was behind the adverse impact of an unpleasant experience on the brain.

When compared with virgin male mice, groups of sexually active mice have cell proliferation, or increased the number of neurons in the hippocampus, part of the brain linked with memory in which the cells are very sensitive to unpleasant experience. The rats with more frequent sexual intercourse also has a growing adult brain cells, and increasing the number of connections between brain cells. Such as Legal nukil from Live Science, Tuesday (03/08/2010).

Furthermore, mice that only see female rats once every two weeks had higher levels of stress hormones, whereas mice that have regular access to view female rats, showed no increase in stress hormones.

These findings suggest that while stress hormones can damage the brain, these effects can be rejected by a very pleasant experience. The scientists have been detailing their findings in the journal PLoS ONE.

nah, how the effect for humans?
would have brain damage if done before marriage .. hahaha

2 Responses to "Sex Boost Brain Growth"

  1. Martin Turner says:

    sangat bermanfaat sekali beritanya, terima kasih

    Dadang says:

    Your welcome, hopefully with this information, you increase interest in sex..

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