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TV One Live Streaming

TV One Live Streaming

tvOne is an Indonesian privately owned national television station based in East Jakarta. It is used to be known as Lativi which ends with name changed due to changes of ownership in the middle of February 2008. TV One owned by PT Visi Media Asia and Sanyo Corporation.


After many changes since 2009, tvOne has a fresh band new newsroom and news studios in order to improve tvOne's journalistic ethics and quality. The news room include 6 LCD screens for external media casting, one large tv control gallery, two network operation galleries, two large master media control galleries and one large news office. There is one studio which mostly uses green computerized screens and occasionally use real newsroom backrounds with one casting desk, two sets of sofas and one mini table.

tvOne is an abbreviation from Olahraga, News, and Entertainment. Olahraga in English means Sport. The network is now more segmented to A and B class with a good combination of sport, news and entertainment. Currently, tvOne broadcasts formal and daily news and current affairs programming during the daily schedule and some sports and live events programming on most weekends and weeknights. Aside from its daily news bulletins, tvOne is updated in news broadcasting with a three-minute news summary every hour outside its bulletins and live breaking news.
News One

    * Kabar Pagi - A two-hour morning news bulletin at 04:30 WIB of domestic and world news the day before and the latest between overnight and morning WIB time. Kabar Pagi shows news updates including national news, international news, sports news and lifestyle news and weather update of the morning.
    * Kabar Siang - A 90-minute afternoon news bulletin at 12:00 WIB of Indonesian and international news events between the morning and the afternoon WIB time. Kabar Siang has a brief news update within the world of finance and trading activity.
    * Kabar Petang - A two-hour evening news bulletin at 17:30 WIB with news dialogues and top stories from around the world and Indonesia. During this program, news from other regions within Indonesia is shown by regional newsrooms in four regions (Medan, Surabaya, Banjarmasin and Ujungpandang).
    * Kabar Malam - A 90-minute overnight news bulletin at 00:00 WIB with all of the top stories across Indonesia and other areas within twenty-four hours of the whole day (WIB time).
    * Kabar Pasar - A 60-minute business news bulletin at 15:00 WIB. Kabar Pasar shows all the latest information within the world of finance, money, public trading and macroeconomic society including the latest financial data, stock market and forex trading analysis.
    * Kabar Arena - A 30-minute sports news bulletin at 23:30 WIB. Kabar Arena shows all the latest information in the world of team sports, individual sports, football and other sporting events including its result tables, scoreboards and event schedules.
    * Kabar Keadilan - A 30-minute criminal and judicial news buletin at 11:30 WIB. Kabar Keadilan shows all the latest information based on criminality, social justice and constitutional news in Indonesia.

Talkshow One

    * Apa Kabar Indonesia - A 4-hour morning talkshow at 06:30 WIB everyday based on the latest and ongoing news topics and events in Indonesia and around the world. This program has six news topics as part of its interactive talkshow and followed by its current affairs talkshow with two main breaking dialogues. This program is boradcasted live form Wisma Nusantara, Central Jakarta and Epicentrum Walk, South Jakarta.
    * Apa Kabar Indonesia Malam - A 2-hour nightly talkshow at 20:30 WIB weekdays and 20:00 WIB weekends with news and interactive discussions. The first 45 minutes has all the latest daily news from Indonesia and worldwide followed by the rest 75 minutes of interactive talkshow with several hot news topics of the day.
    * Coffee Break - A 60 minute talkshow, formerly part of an extended hour from Apa Kabar Indonesia, at 10:00 WIB live from the ground floor of Epicentrum Walk, Jakarta.
    * Jakarta Lawyer's Club - A 90 minute talkshow at 19:30 WIB Mondays, hosted by Karni Ilyas, based on the latest issues happening in Indonesia. With a congregation of lawyers and parliament members from Indonesia, their opinions and analysis of the issues are shared amongst the public society.
    * Suara Keadilan - A 60 minute talkshow at 19:30 WIB Tuesdays looking through the major issues of Indonesia's society related to the people affected and the current situation. One or more people related are discussing how and why the situation happened and the future vision and aims.
    * Janji Wakil Rakyat - A 60 minute talkshow at 19:30 WIB Wednesdays with some of the latest topics of the week being discussed and analyzed. This program involves parliamentary members, politicians and experts in Indonesia related to the topic with debates and arguments of their opinions and promises towards to society.
    * Satu Jam Lebih Dekat - A 60 minute talkshow at 19:30 WIB Thursdays based on lifestyle and entertainment topics of the week. Ira Koesno inquires and understand closer of the current and legendary artists chosen based on their personal life, career(s) and public successes. Many segments also involve performances and presentations related.

Sport One

    * Soccer One
    * Live World Boxing
    * Highlights

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