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6 Tips to Prevent Acne and Improving Care Pori

For Indonesian Version
Six tips below are consistent with my experience and the experiences of some of my friends in reducing acne, prevent, and treat skin .. hehehe
Six ways to prevent blockage of dirt in the pores and acne is to:

1. Consumption of foods and drinks rich in vitamins, or it could be a multi-vitamin supplement. Besides being dirty, the appearance of acne was a sign of something not right in our bodies. Skin health really depends on the intake of nutrients that we consume. Amid the bustle of crowded, so sometimes we forget to pay attention to what food and nutrition intake. The body also 'cranky', by: producing sebum (oil kind) that excessive that clog pores. The addition will trigger a reaction acne also reduces the skin's ability to heal itself and fight bacteria. Hence also avoid consuming too oily and fatty foods.

2. Many consumption of carrots, to get the intake of beta-carotene (vitamin A). Vitamin A is beneficial to strengthen the fibers that protect the skin and prevent acne. In addition, vitamin A is also effective to reduce sebum production. In essence, vitamin A is very useful to maintain and improve the fiber and the tissues that form the skin. Another function of vitamin A are as anti-oxidants that will get rid of body toxins. Vitamin A deficiency can also cause acne.

3. Avoid cosmetics that cause negative reactions on the skin. If not too urgent, avoid the use of cosmetics to the face. Some products make-up can really clog the pores of the face. If the pore becomes blocked face will definitely cause black spots and acne. If you really need to use cosmetics, as much as possible for water-based cosmetics.

4. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. This habit is really proven to be effective for healthy skin. Water is very useful to encourage the useless substances to exit the body. By drinking 8 glasses of water a day, in addition to anti-acne, you will also receive a bonus of glowing skin.

5. Avoid the habit of punch-out punch to the face of fat / blackheads, pimples especially (as I've pointed out on earlier). Please note also, the more often pressing his face, then the sebum in the face can be increased. Moreover, when the squeeze facial skin, especially acne, then we also damage the membrane under the skin. Membrane damage will cause sebum to spread under the skin layer. As a result, acne on the face will be more festive.

6. Wash pillows and sheets. Every day you'll face against the pillow. When he was attached to the face, pillow absorbs oil and face and paste it back into your face when sleeping. Besides oil, delivering pillowcases are also at risk of germs, dust, and various other small dirt to the face. So, for the sake of smooth face does not hurt to wash pillowcases every day.

Well, for my friends who have tips - tips for preventing acne can also be shared here .. hopefully could be useful ..

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