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Health Tips For Blood Type O

Health Tips For Blood Type O
Individuals with blood group O have blood cells without antigen, but produce antibodies against antigens A and B. Thus, people with blood type O-negative can donate blood to the person with any ABO blood group and called the universal donor. However, people with blood type O-negative can only receive blood from another O-negative.
In general, blood type O is most common in the world.

Blood type O

1. People who are blood group O, they are usually instrumental in creating excitement for a group. And was instrumental in creating a harmony among the members of the group.
2. Figure they were seen as people who accept and do something quietly. They are clever cover up something so that they seemed always cheerful, peaceful and had no problems at all. But if you can not stand, they will surely find a place or person to confide in (the pit).
3. They are usually generous (good heart), glad to do good. They were generous and did not hesitate to spend money on other people.
4. They are usually loved by everybody, "loved by all". But they are really stubborn too, and secretly have their own opinions about various things.
5. On the other hand, they are very flexible and very easy to accept new things.
6. They tend to be easily influenced by others and by what they see from TV.
7. They look cool, and reliable but they often slip and make big mistakes because of lack of caution. But it is that causes people who have blood O is in love.
Character The blood group 'O'

People with blood type O are those who do not much give a damn, energetic and has a high social life. They are the most flexible of all existing blood group. They will quickly start a project but are having problems continue and often many are also easily give up in the middle of the road. They sometimes behave and not to be back. They always say what's on their mind directly. They are always honest. They respect the opinions of others and like to be the center of attention. In addition, those blood O has the confidence that really strong. In Japan, blood type is an average blood group of people there.

Style Communication with Persons blood O

When dealing with blood O full of spirit and confidence, frankly, optimistic, sometimes selfish and creative, the following can be used as guidelines:

* Speak with the spirit and full of vitality. Because they are less like the people who seem weak, tired, lethargic, limp,  and sluggish which is considered not to follow their rhythm full of energy.
* Do not use negative words and pessimistic because the group says it is not in their dictionary is full of positive spirit and optimism.
* When binding a contract, make sure that they are firmly committed to what has been agreed upon and may be responsible for its completion.
* Said to be honest because they are so there. Once the lie is detected, they will not longer trust another chance.
* Show the full joy of body language and spirit.

People with blood group O most like to communicate with their passion. People who do not have the spirit of a good life difficult became close friends of this class. Because they are always in line with the spirit of vitality that they have. They will be able to communicate for hours with people who are fit and able to follow the rhythm of their speech are very optimistic and motivational.

Here's disease is often found in people blood O
- Diabetes,
- Intestinal and digestive disorders,
- Poor blood circulation,
- Back pain and spinal cord,
- Obesity,
- High cholesterol levels,
- High blood pressure,
- High uric acid levels,
- Cancer,
- Gout,
- Heart attack,
- Clogged arteries.

Owner blood group O is worth fortunate, especially for those who like meat. They can eat as much meat, except processed meat. But this blood group also must compensate by eating more vegetables, too. It may also eat
type of vegetable oil, olive oil and fresh fruit. What must be avoided or restricted are: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, mustard greens, sprouts, eggplant, mushrooms and potatoes.

Defining characteristics:
-Very strong immune system
-Stress can be responded premises of physical activity
-Easy to adapt to a variety of foods in an environment that is occupied
-Not suitable on a diet
-It is advisable to consume foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates like: meat, fruit, fish, and vegetables.

Type of sport:
Doing aerobic exercise that moves a lot and fast (high impact), it could be physical exercise like running and martial arts.
Here are tips on matters involving the O blood type diet:
Very useful: Cows, buffaloes, goats, deer, liver / heart, cod, shark fish, yellow tail fish
Neutral: goldfish, eels, lobster, tuna, sardines, shrimp. eggs, butter, Tempe, tofu, soy milk, wheat, rice
Abstinence: pork meat, squid, cuttlefish, clams, frogs, octopus, quail, ice cream, cheese, cow milk, yoghurt's

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